Hi I'm Amanda, it's nice
to meet you!



In a world that takes itself too seriously (myself included), I think we can agree that we could all use a little more pun in our lives. 

Designs AS You Wish is a Boston-based labor of love that started over a year ago, aiming to create moments of joy for others through watercolor. 

While working at a larger agency, a coworker of mine brought in a set of watercolor supplies to fill the empty space in his cubicle. The first thing I painted just moments before a team happy hour was of a duck's bottom that said 'BOTTOM'S UP'. It wasn't long before I took over the large sheet of paper with small illustrations and terrible puns. Designs AS You Wish was manifested as a means to share my watercolors in the form of cards, dog portraits, custom illustrations and wedding florals.

Whether it be a punny card or a sentimental illustration, I hope my watercolor creations bring you as much happiness as painting them does for me.